Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Night 5 (I think)

Well, since this was all about a month ago now, some of the days and nights are blurring together. This is another good night. Richie had manged to get a number from a girl one of the first nights he was in Seoul. The three boys headed off to Apgujeong (the richest part of Korea) to meet her and a friend she was bringing out.

I, of course, was working again, but me and Sungku headed out there and met them at a pub where they'd been for a good while now. They had all had a good number of beers and tequila shots by the time we got there. Richie and the girl were pretty, ummm, close should I say, and the other boys were semi-irate at the other girl for leaving.

First of all, they let me know how expensive Seoul was to eat at. Before they told me anything more, I told them they let 2 Korean girls pick where to eat in Apgujeong. Bad move. Koran girls love to spend money on (what I call) nothing more than mediocre. They had Japanese food and of course the girls didn't even budge to get cash for the 80$ meal. Not good when you convert it to Chinese Yuan for two of the guys.

The boys with the 'other' girl

As well, the boys told the girls their real ages. Skins and Scott being 23 and Richie 24. Both girls were 25. Right away, the girls friend she brought changed her attitude and said she didn't like young guys who were in mature and no experiences. It wasn't that, that got the guys going, but her saying she has to leave at 10 o'clock or her parents will be angry with her. She just cut the guys off for being too young, and no she says she has a CURFEW. In Korea, a curfew if normal when you live with your parents (and especially when you are a girl). My gf had to be home at 12 most nights and she was 28!!!

Anyways, we continued with the 2000 ($2) won tequila shots and beer. It was a nice pub with a wicked name. Will be back again I hope.

Skins is happy at the " What Sub' Pub

From right: Me, Sungku, Richie, Richies girl (name who knows)

From there we headed out and across the street to another 안주(side dish with drinks) house where you get to choose three random side dishes for $12. Cheap beer and soju are also involved. There we continued to fog our brains while entwining another table in our despair. The two China boys had been speaking Chinese lots since nobody (they thought) understood them. 'Course one of the girls understood, they noticed, and they were over at their table within the minute. A relatively quiet group of Koreans, but we were bouncing back and forth between tables and making their night more lively than they expected.

Skins scaring a random Korean guy.

Another occasion was on the subway when they were speaking Chinese, about what else, a pretty girl on the train. After a couple of minutes of talking, once again they realize an older women had a huge smile on her face and her ears looked like they were burning. They gave an uh-oh, and asked her if she spoke Chinese. She did, and they talked with her a bit about it. She was actually friendly and talked with them... I think if it was an older Korean women who understood them, she would have been outraged and angry and not given them a 2nd chance to chat.

Suungku and her friend Justine (Scott was fixed Justine would be his future wife)

Back to the night. The 안주 bars can be a bit quiet, so once we noticed our eyes were closing it was off we went. There are two main bars in the area and we sat at the intersection contemplating which to try. We chose the right, and Sungku talked to them about which was better to get in. They said it's all the same ownership so you can go in both for one cover price (about $10). So, we head in to find the place absolutely empty. There were about 6 people in the bar, but I think they were all paid to be in there and dance. We left the bar and Richie and Dushon broke into a 'strike a pose' dance as I have called it. Take a look...

We were quite disappointed. We got our one free drink with cover, jumped around by ourselves on the dance floor and then decided to check out the other place (expecting it to be about the same.) We got into the other place, turned the corner and boom, like 20 people in line to check their coats. The place was packed..like 300 people or so and the drinks were even cheaper. Not sure why the bouncer didn't just ell us to go there in the first place, but oh well, they're bouncers. We gav'er well that night. Danced, drank, chatted, and what not. The other guys were torched as they started long before me. Dushon was trying to walk up the stairs, missed, and his foot went right the the hold between steps. Fell over, and took another Korean with him. Up comes the bouncer. He;s thinking, oh well, it was fun, but I'm gonna get kicked out. The bouncer says "Hey, I like your style, let me buy you a drink." Scott's a little confused, but says, sure and off they go.

We managed to get home OK. Although in the end my first guess was true. We were in the ritzy area of town, and the boys had no luck talking, or even dancing with anyone without getting a snubbed nose or a back in the face. All in all, another good night in the books.

Almost done with the Korean week. Only 1 more to come. Colin

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