Monday, January 08, 2007

A Chilly Yet Sunny Morning in the SK

Waking up early this morning while sleeping on my living room floor, I figured it wouldn't be my day since I had woken up every half hour or so during the night and now the GF's alarm was going to go off every 9 minutes for half an hour till she gets herself up.

After listening to the alarm and moving to my comfy bed I realized I wasn't really tired and if I went back to bed I would probably sleep for another 3 or 4 hours since I didn't have to work until 4 today.

'Course I didn't wanna sit on the ground where I had just slept all night which is what I have to do to talk on msn/write my blog/ or watch Lost. I decided, hey,might as well walk the lady to her subway stop and get some grocery shopping done while I'm at at.

At GS Mart I picked up some beef steak, chicken breast, a bottle of Rum, a brick of cheese and a box of laundry detergent. Sounds more like a Friday evening shopping before the weekend than a Monday morning at 9Am shopping, but that how I roll.

Korea, like China has long flat escalators that are magnetic so the heavy shopping cart will stick and you don't have to worry about pushing it uphill. 'Course the escalator from the 2nd level basement where the groceries where to the 1st floor was open,but not to the main floor. There was a guy in a business suit and a row of carts blocking the way. He points to my left and says 'elebator'..right, guess I have to take the elevator up..should have just taken it from downstairs like I did to come down. Took me a minute to get figure out the first elevator wasn't running yet so I hit the button for the 2nd elevator in line.

Put down my shopping bags and went to get a drink of water from the fountain. The janitor comes by, hits the down button on the elevator and when I get back the up button is off. Grrr. The elevator beside me opens, so I go in it with the guy standing there. I look at him..hold on, he's the guy who was blockin' the escalator. WTF! I say 'ouiro' (up in korean), he says no, down. Damnit. Out I go and hit the button again. Look to my right and now the escalator is up and running where the man was. Why didn't he just let me go up it eh fist time instead of taking the elevator I dunno, but finally after nearly 5 minutes I made it out and alive.

It is nice and sunny today but cold as cold as heaven (hell is hot not cold). Well, not too cold, but -7 is colder than I'm used to at home. So on the way home I throw my baby (Ipod) on random and hope the soundtrack to my day will be a good one. I find the music you listen to during specific periods and events in your life will always be related back to each other. For example Summer in China '05 would be John Lennon -Working Class Hero, Spring '05 Xavier Rudd - Green Spandex and UVIC '01 Mary J. Blige - some club song and The Verve Pipe -Freshman. This music you were listening to during these moving or memorable days/seasons become the soundtrack of you life.

Well, I hoped today's soundtrack would be one of these memorable ones. I was right. With nearly 10,000 songs on my Ipod including many I've never even listened to before, there is always a chance you can get a random audio book clip, some interludes or some random metal/rap/old rock'n'roll that isn't good but there for a listen to when in the mood.

Today got some Kings of Leon (thanks for the recommendation for them Gump, they're awesome), some Led Zep, a Nirvana and some Manu Chau (also highly recommended) to finish the walk home off. A ROK airforce transport jet flies overhead as I take the turn to my house and I realize, hey, it's good to be someplace different and enjoying everything the world has in store for me today, maybe I will get up early and not waste my day away in bed more often!