Friday, March 30, 2007

A Short Pic Post

1. Do you have hangover's? I sure do. Quite often. What is the cure? NO,no,in Korea Tylenol viewed as the devil Western medicine. Here they have either nasty tastin herbs (which are 0 for 2 working for me) and a little dish called 벼해장국 (literal translation, hangover soup). I've goten hooked on it and I can see myself frequenting a Korean restaurant back home on Sunday instead of the IHOP. Whether I can find anyone to come with me,that's another story. Of course, as I found out you must make sure it's the right type of soup..there is also a blood one. Me and Jeff found out to late about this and here is what we managed to pull out of our soup.

Notice the two plates in the middle? Well, that would be boiled pigs blood. Nasty! Luckily enough it was in Iteawon (the foreign district) so I wasn't too far away from a home made hamburger.

2. Although I wouldn't say most Seoulites are friendly (compared to Mexican, Cdn, and Chinese I've met), they do usually let you come and go as please and arn't outwardly negative to the recent foreign invasion. I've met some of the nicest and most kind people here in Seoul, so don't get my wrong, but when I see signs like this I wonder sometimes.

Notice the sign on the door reads: M.C. Only Korean

Luckily I wasn't too far into the night to cause a spectacle when I saw it, but me and Jeff did go downstairs to see what they would do. We had Sungku come in a minute later to talk. As we entered a girl comes over with a big smile..sees were foreigners, she gets a scared look on her face, turns around and runs over to the bar. Most of the dancing stopped at people just looked at us. The manger comes over with the X over his arms saying sorry, no. Sungku eventually got the story that some foreigner was in a week before and ended up breaking a bottle and waving the broken half around in his hand. Foolish, but not a reason to ban 5 billion people from the bar.

I have heard Korea been called the most racist society in the world, I highly doubt that. But there is more than enough evidence to show that Korea has a long way to go before they can call themselves an open society.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some tales of a mild February

February in Korea was warmer than usual and I took full advantage of it. I managed to start playing a little badminton at the park near my house and started eating lunch outside. Those were the days, the nights were far from mild.

There was Valentines day which was supposed to be a nice steak dinner at the local VIPS (KEG) restaurant but which ended up being another koraen BBQ night. There was an hour and half wait at 8:30 and neither me nor Sungku had the patience to wait while we were both hungry. Some yummy 갈비 (BBQ pork ribs) and home for some drinks made it a very duable night.

Most of Feb. my friend Jeff was living at my place, and any of you that know Jeff,know that me and him always get ourselves into some red-haired fiasco's. We have had a few nights out on the town to say the least. Many nights in the big University areas and many nights just at my place.

We had a dinner for Sollal (Lunar New Years) with 3 or 4 of Sungku's friends,my and Jeff. Had some great food at my place,many a drink, and after the Korean friends went home, we hit up the bars. As for more everyday things, I've managed to lose whatever interesting things I've noticed in my mind and I'll have to leave February at that.

Late in February was my friend Joe's bday. He decided to go to the newly opened Hooters in Korea. A good choice it was.

I even decided to try on the hat...too bad the girls had already gone. Heheh
After Hooters we headed for the main club area, Hongdei. Managed to stomp around a couple of bars and ended up at a place which I think has the best Long Island Ice Teas in Korea. So with LIIT's, accordingly the night gets a little blurry after that. Everyone made it home alright and and it was a memorable evening.