Friday, February 24, 2006

Fri, 24 Feb 2006

It is 5:55 in tha morn...My last weekend here and I hope to do some sightseeing around the area I’m at before I go. Went to the only bar i know tonight...where two weeks ago I met a bartentender girl who seems really nice, talked to her for most of the night, but when when i guy screamed...Yellow Submarine..beatles...i started to talk to him. Ended up goin out to a noreabong (karaoke if ya dont know) for a bit..bit odd that me and 1 other guy was at a noreabong, but worse when he was tryin to dance with me...eeeeek, definetly not feeling it, don’t think he was gay, but just a little too close for my liking....holding hands on the street is one thing, whatevea...but when he starts to dance close with me in a room by ourselves..a little creepish is an understatement.All in good fun, im home safe (although he tried to run across the road behind me after hesitating and almost got hit !!!! crazy mofo).....movin in 2 days..more stories im sure.

ADios. Colin