Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grrr, rough game for the Canucks today. First game vs Anaheim and they had no scoring power. Think they took to long to finish off Dallas. To improve my mood, hmmm how about some McDonalds...the scary restaurant that is right in the middle of my 500m walk from home to school. Didn't really help as in Korea the food is rarely fresh. $1 for a 4-piece nuggets, that isn't even worth a penny.

If you still wanna watch some hockey and like me, your overseas. Than....

Wanna watch some playoffs??? Only a quick program download. As long as your Internet is reasonable, Click and watch. (NHL3 for playoff games)


Monday, April 09, 2007

An Artful March

Well, I've never really been to much in the way of an Art Museum before, probably as I've never had much interest in them. Enjoy museums, like the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Of course I'm dating a girl with an Arts Degree in drawing so I thought it'd be nice to accompany her on an outing. Plus as an added incentive Sungku managed to free get tickets to two exhibitions here in Seoul. Why not give it a go!

It was snowing that morning so it made the short walk there even nicer.

The first stop was 'The Louvre' exhibition which was held at the Korean National Museum near Ichon St. The place is huge and there is quite of few from outside. You can see Seoul Tower perfectly through the middle of the two main buildings, and there's a nice quiet lake off to the side of well.

Yes, that's a nasty stache. I was a perv for about a week before I finally buzzed it off.

The exhibits were pretty good although none of the major pieces were here from The Louvre in France. There was a huge painting of Napolean, some portraits that were nice,some other stuff Sungku knew, but were new to me for the most part. There were many paintings (maybe 70),but more than enough for a rookie art critic such as myself.

Second up was another art exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center near Nambu Bus Terminal on Line 3. It's called 'From Picasso to Van Gogh' and had paintings and pieces from the impressionist era to modern day. Click the link above to check out some pictures of pieces that were there. There were a few Van Gogh that I recognized and a couple of statues including 'The Thinker'. It was much more interesting than the first exhibition for me as there was a bigger variety of pieces and something to look at other than just pictures.

From left, Richie, Jeff, and myself.

So...after a couple of art shows I wouldn't really say that I'm going to turn into an art fan, but they were enjoyable for what they were worth and I'll be giong to more I'm sure when I make it to Europe.