Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thu, 8 Jun 2006

Hey, just got back to Harbin this morning. had a great trip....Beijing was awesome, didn’t make it to the summer palace as Sungku sleeps as much as me and i couldn't get her up at 8 when we wanted to go, and i said meh and went back to bed myself. But great wall, Tiinamen 3 times, silk street, drum tower, many other places too. Tianjin was a bit harder, hard to find a place, did finally after some help from a Chinese student who spoke some English, fairly pricy though. Im goanna write a big email with all the stories, would here more then.

As per Sungku/Nana, I managed to tell Nana on MSN about 2 or 3 weeks ago, she was pissed as she pretty much waited for a year for me and then 2 weeks before i came back I told her I got another gf..meh, i reminded her i told her not to wait for me, but i guess when i got to Korea in jan, i was a bit bastardly about saying ill see her son an miss her, yada yada. I know what will happen though, im heading back to Korea in 2 or 3 months to be with sungku still, nothin will happen between me and nana this summer and both girls know that too. i dont think nana would even want to as I’ve told her pretty much everything. Anyways, traveling showed alot about each other too me and Sungku and we had a few fights, but all is well and were as happy as ever. Headin out to the restaurant across from Nan Ma Lu E bi Woo Shi Hao tonight as it had a big room and a good place to have a good style Chinese dinner. Then who knows...i'd imagine some beer garden,but who knows.

Ill be sendin a big email of the stories in a couple a days. Hope all is well,, (note - i am still sending them now!!, what happned to me)