Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 3

Well...after a few hours sleep it was time to roll out of bed. For what. Well a Canucks playoff hockey game of course. I found a site where I can watch live hockey right from CBC. In the end maybe I would have rather not watched it, but hey, at least the Dallas series ended right.

I had to work in the early afternoon so Scott and Richie headed off into Seoul for the day. They were planning on going to a underwater bridge (10 cm's underwater) where you could walk across the mighty Han River and feel like your walking on water.

They manged to order some noodles by themselves at a little basement restaurant. From the picture I figured out they had eaten Japanese U-Dong.

From their accounts, they managed to see the bridge, but was most easily distracted from a peculiar traditional looking boat.

This may have been a traditional boat in the past, but now, due to Korea's recent craze it had been turned into a soccer boat.

Richie was in heaven, Scott, well...he enjoyed himself at least (although probably stepping on/running over at least a couple of kids).

I met back up with Scott and Richie right away after work as the final member of the reunion was arriving at the bus station. Skins (Ryan) arrived easliy and I met him just as he got off the bus.

Seoul Subway Platform

Like father like son

We sat down at the closest little food tent and got ourselves a round of brews to celebrate the final arrival.

Not too sure what happened in the evening, I think lots of stories and drinks at my place and a good sleep to get ready for the next day.

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