Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 4

We started our first day all together heading to Sejong University where Sungku graduated. I have been going there once a week for some Korean tutoring and since my new tutor is a cute girl, the boys decided they'd like to come too.

Unfortunately, I didn't warn her they were coming and saying she is shy is an understatement. Course our hung over states didn't help, and we decided to just et some grub instead. Ryan and Scott didn;t even touch their food, but managed half way through breaky to go have a smoke and came back in 15 mins later with a pitcher (1.6 L) of Cass Red (6.9% beer).

Anyways, after the meal she had some excuse or other to get away from us as fast as possible. Sungku was feeling sick so she went home, and the four LBC boys were left to meander around on a sullen gray day.

Children's Big Park was just across the street so we headed over as I know there are some animals and fountains to see there at least. The China Boys were enthralled with the little Korean kids running all around and of course they said how much cuter they were than Chinese kids. 'Course everywhere I go people always say the kids look better than at home. Guess it's jsut whats new and different always looks better.

The boys also enjoyed the Korean midle school girls. I never really saw many school uniforms in China, so their eyes were buggin when they realized most girls wore plaid skirts and ties to school here in Korea. Of course they had to get a pic.

The park was quite fun and we got a godo chuckle out of the animals. This next vid is hilarious to us, but not sure if you'll quite get the same kick out of it. Just listen to the words at the start. LOL.

Not sure if there were any don't feed the animal signs, but the Koreans didn't listen anyways. Here are some monkeys that kept us amused for probably a solid half hour.

Considering the lousy day, we made the most of it. I had to take off and go back to work...yah, somebody still has to pay the big Korean bills.

I directed the boys to a downtown area where they could see some traditional stuff, as well as some, not so traditional girls. Late in the day they said they managed to get out fo teh subway, but stopped and chilled at the Family Mart (Korea's 7-11) drinking water and coffee for a couple of hours, then headed right home.

The first time he's been behind the wheel in a long time.

They did enjoy the construction south of the Han River. Coming from Langley, where you never see a see 20 in a 2 block radius is quite the sight.

Sim City Korea

Be back again, soon. Colin

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